How to Make a Hand-Drawn Wedding Map

Ever wondered how you can make your own personalised wedding map? Here at HoneyMap, we make them just for you. Here is the process that we follow.

Step 1: Go to Google Maps > Your Places > Maps > Create Map. Here you can input various different locations and see where they all are in relation to each other. When you're done adding all of your locations, take a screenshot and upload into PhotoShop.

Step 2: On a new layer, start sketching over the guide that you've created for yourself. It helps if you have a graphics tablet to do this. Start by drawing out the lay of the land, then you can add buildings. You may wish to sketch everything out first, or colour as you go. Add colour on a separate layer before merging the two together.

Step 3: When you have your basic map and all of the buildings and landmarks complete, add labels in a font of your choice and start adding details such as trees, bushes, wildlife and text.

Step 4: Add a border in a colour of your choice, if desired.

Step 5: Before you send your map for print, you will need to convert the colour settings to CMYK and make adjustments as necessary. Often, the print will come out darker and duller than what you see on screen, so compensate for that by upping the saturation and brightness. Most printers will also ask for a bleed area of around 4mm around the edge. To create a print-ready PDF with bleed marks, I recommend using InDesign.

Don't fancy doing it yourself? Get in touch to find out about our bespoke illustrated maps.