What Is a Wedding Map?

Never heard of a wedding map before? Hopefully after browsing this website you have a better idea. Wedding maps are unique, personalised maps that depict all of the key locations of your wedding: the ceremony, the reception, perhaps the family home and some local accommodation for guests.

At HoneyMap, our maps are hand-drawn using a Wacom tablet and created individually just for you. As well as including the locations you give us, we'll also do our own research to find local places of interest, as well as adding in native wildlife, trees, birds and flowers. Whatever your colour scheme, we'll tailor the map to match it. We'll even include a portrait of the happy couple, if you wish.

You can have whatever you want on your wedding map. One couple asked us for a giraffe wearing a flower crown. Another wanted a Cossack rider. The more personal we can make it for you, the better. Nothing is off limits. Some people choose to send out custom maps as invitations – others go for a larger framed print to display on the day. The choice is yours.

Interested? Get in touch and let's talk.